We maintain and operate a wide range of trucks and transport service equipment. Our fleet includes pickers, trucks, and trailers with the capability to haul 400bbl to 3,000bbl.

Oversized Loads

Our fleet of specialized trucks, pickers and transport service equipment can safely handle your oversized load and transport it throughout Western Canada.

We can safely manage transport for all types of oversized loads, from buildings and shacks to treaters.

Equipment Includes:

  • 45-ton stiff-boom double-line pickers, knuckle pickers, winch tractors, texas beds
  • Self-loading tank movers equipped with hydraulic self-loading arms, with capability to move 400bbl to 3000bbl tanks
  • Trailers: Scissor necks, high-boys and step decks with the capability to handle vessels, buildings, shacks, and other large equipment

Tank & Heavy Haul Division

We have the right transport service equipment and expertise to manage your tanks and heavy machinery.

Equipment Includes:

  • Truck mounted pickers can haul full to mid-size loads including 1000bbl tanks
  • Heavy lifts
  • Man basket work
  • Remote control operations with a 30-ton winch or 4-part winch line
  • Installations with overhead cranes

All of our units are equipped with Fleet Complete GPS systems

Transport Service Equipment Tank Moving

Available Extras

  • Highboys
  • Stepdecks
  • Scissornecks
  • Tank Cradles
  • 20ft-40ft Rig mats