TBar1 Transport Ltd. expands pipeyard and equipment hauling to Elk Point, AB

Earlier this month, TBar1 Transport Ltd. expanded it’s pipeyard and equipment hauling to Elk Point, AB. In TBar1’s continued commitment to our customers and industry we chose to step into growth in efforts to keep producer costs down and better serve its clients.  The expansion includes an 8 Ton picker, 25 Ton picker, trailers, pipe yard, and provides an improved regional presence that better serves producers north of the river including Bonnyville, Elk Point, Lindberg, and Frog Lake.  All staff, who have been working in the region for over a decade, will be joining TBar1 with the continued operations in this area.

Jason Newman, President of TBar1 Transport notes “not much will change in the area.  Our goal is to support the operators in the area, and where there’s a need, fill it.  The guys are great.  We’re pumped to be able to work with our clients in more of the regions they operate in.” The assets were acquired from Shannon Ostapovich, prior owner of Bearing Transport, whose objective was to keep good guys working.  We’d like to thank Shannon for working with us to make this happen.

TBar1 Transport has more than 15 years of experience serving Western Canada. TBar1 offers a wide range of picker trucks, oversized transport, oilfield tank moving, and heavy haul services from Manitoba to British Columbia, to the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.  TBar1 offers local pipeyards in Lloydminster, AB/SK and now Elk Point, AB.  All TBar1 Trucks are equipped with GPS monitoring and tracking and the pipeyard uses the “ TALLY’S “ system for tubing inventory, which allows for efficient operation, cost management, and high safety standards.  We work directly with the oil producers, consultants, and project management firms and would welcome a call at 780-205-1709 or email dispatch@tbar1.com to provide a quote and service.

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